Monday, June 4, 2007

The ‘Yacub 7 Ali’ hoax (cont.)

I won’t be devoting my life to identifying whoever’s behind the “Yacub 7 Ali”/Svengali Media race hoax. But I’m sure glad I posted what I did nine days ago. (Even though the hoaxster, predictably, was thrilled by the attention.)

Now, whenever this fucknuts shows up in an Internet discussion group, trying to stir some shit, people can do a little Googling and find out it’s all bogus.

On Friday, “Shakespeare Johnson” – one of the hoaxster’s many pseudonyms – posted an article on the college-oriented chat board Headline: “YACUB 7 ALI SUN WORSHIPPER SETS WHITE WOMAN ON FIRE ON CITY BUS.”

One reader took the bait, calling the supposed Negro Sun Worshippers a “hate group.”

Shakespeare Johnson shot back: “Racist hate is a white people invention. Black reactionary hate is not vile and corrupted. … Black reactionary hate groups are righteous and ‘clean’, good and uncorrupted hatred.”

Sure enough, the gullible commenter responded: “Your group is still a bunch on religious zealots who are wacked in my opinion.”

Then, yesterday, a commenter known as “say_no_to_racists” posted this: “This person is a white supremacist troll. Quit feeding him.” And he linked to my post.

(Alas, say_no_to_racists didn’t heed his own advice. Today, he’s been wasting his time swapping posts with Shakespeare Johnson on ProgressiveU.)

Also last Friday, the hoaxster – using the name “Mirabeau Johnson” this time – got on the message boards of a Beaumont, Texas, TV station, He started a thread called “Sun worshipers set innocent woman on fire on city bus.” He linked to an article about Yacub 7 Ali on one of his own hoax websites (

Within hours, a reader busted him and linked to my post.

By the way, I never said this hoaxster has a white-supremacist agenda. Probably he’s just into mischief-making for the sick fun of it.

Which is not to say he’s harmless. On April 15, “Jacque Patrick Fitzgerald” (same asshole) posted an article on, a “participatory journalism” site. It says: “ST. NICOLAS THIEF & KNOXVILLE BLACKS PLAN… SOCIAL ACTION PROTEST PARTY TO CELEBRATE UNDERPRIVILEGED BLACKS WHO VICTIMIZE PRIVILEGED WHITES.”

This piece logged 30,000 views before a NowPublic editor tagged it as “fishy” last Wednesday. “It has been alleged that this story is a hoax,” the editor wrote, with a link to my post.

The NowPublic article, to remind you, was picked up and reported as fact by Nicholas Stix, an Internet gadfly and self-styled “dissident journalist” who has written much about the Knoxville murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

I sent Stix an email after my first Yacub 7 Ali post. Stix wasn’t persuaded that this “protest party” in support of black murderers is a sham. “If it’s a race hoax,” he replied, “it’s one of the most brilliant ones I’ve ever seen.”

That’s giving the hoaxster waaay too much credit. Although a white-power agitator known as “kickdrum,” who is active on YouTube, was also suckered. Embedded below is kickdrum’s May 1 video, in which he speaks of – the hub of the hoax – as if it were a genuine black racist website.

I would point kickdrum and Nicholas Stix to this webpage, where the hoaxster himself labels Svengali Media “cynical humor, more offensive than amusing.”

UPDATE (05/30/07): How much damage can one gullible yet hardheaded sap do? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Internet gadfly Nicholas Stix is the closest thing to a journalist to have reported as fact the ludicrous Svengali Media/Yacub 7 Ali hoax. And he is single-handedly responsible for this hoax gaining a bit of traction on the Internet – particularly the notion that there’s a “black supremacist” group out there celebrating the vicious murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a white couple, by a group of blacks in Knoxville, Tenn.

Stix wrote two articles this month describing as an authentic black website. One or the other of those articles has been posted on four of Stix’s own websites, and on at least six other opinion sites (including Blogcritics yesterday and Global Politician today).

These articles have also been reproduced (or linked to) by at least 10 other bloggers, as well as… wait for it… David Horowitz’s DiscoverTheNetworks site.

I’ve been swapping comments with Nicholas Stix on the Blogcritics site. But he continues to say there’s nothing fishy about Svengali Media, or the “Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition,” or even Yacub 7 Ali and his cult of “Negro Sun Worshippers.” “[T]he sites certainly are in character with black supremacy,” wrote Mr. Stix.


Meanwhile, I’ve found yet another of the hoaxster’s Internet outposts. He started a Facebook group (with only one member). It’s called “theSvengaliMedia Fan Club.” It says: “SvengaliMedia is quickly becoming known as the crack cocaine of the internet... highly addictive and outlawed.”

Does that sound like a black man who spends his time celebrating criminal violence against whites and studying the mystical secrets of inflicting skin cancers with his eyeballs?

Or does it sound like a damn troll, trying to pump up the Svengali Media meme and have some fun?